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Why I love this work.... 

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As educators, you have likely heard many students say, “I’m not good at math”, or “Math is too hard”. Unfortunately, I was also one of those students, and feeling intimidated by math held me back from pursuing several interests and dreams early on.

Years later, I now regularly work with numbers as part of the bookkeeping and accounting required for my business. And even though I am quite good at this, in the back of my mind still lurk those insecurities about math from when I was younger.

Because of my own experiences in school, I am determined to do what I can to help as many students as possible develop the comfort and confidence with math that I did not have.


Because of my experiences counseling children, I'm excited to share a program that bolsters the confidence of students.  It's nice to "know the answer" to a question...but it's incredibly empowering to understand that your brain actually grows through mistakes, and that processing information and taking numbers apart / rearranging them / getting what they represent gives you the freedom to think critically!  How awesome is that?!


The Symphony Math program is like having 1:1 tutors in the classroom to meet students where they are and develop their knowledge and skills. It is an online visual math program that provides offline support and math journaling.  This is an amazing way for students to both develop language & story around math, and for teachers to see how student understanding is progressing. 


I love that Symphony helps to take some stress out of the lives of people who are working hard to help raise and educate our children.

Educators are already stretched thin & having new initiatives and requirements introduced regularly, and the help lessons and teacher support make teaching so much more comfortable and accessible.  

This is why I work with Symphony Math.

If you are an educator, let's connect! I'd love to have a conversation with you about how easy it is to bring our solutions into your classroom. Send me a message or fill out the free trial form, and I'll help you access a demonstration. By collaborating together, I hope that someday there will be many more students who will proudly say, “I’m good at math!”

Your success is our success!

We are here to create a great experience

for you and your students

Learn More!


Stay informed with new videos, updates, growth mindset ideas and resources to grow your math classroom!

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