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Professional Development

Your success and happiness is our success and happiness. Our customers regularly thank us for consistent, caring, thorough support and training.  On-site and online professional development is customized to meet your needs.

Support - When You Need It

We get back to you within 4 business hours - so don't hesitate to reach out.  For on-demand support, we have created a great video library to address frequently asked questions.

Math & Assessment Software

Proven, research based, reliable, effective programs.  Our software has been rigorously tested and approved in research studies and by our schools.  Current users will gladly share their success stories with you.

About Us

We are a company with deep roots in our schools. Your success truly matters to us. We've developed some guidelines for success are fairly simple, but not always easy: 

  • Teach children to think deeply and embrace challenge.

  • Develop a profound understanding of mathematics.  

  • Provide educators with tools that are simple to use and enhance math instruction


We think these are important for educational success and work diligently to exceed our own expectations





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